Zhang Lin

(b. 1979)

Artist Bio

Zhang Lin was born in Nanbu, Sichuan province in 1979. He graduated from the Oil Painting Department of the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute with a B.A. in 2005 and then graduated from the same institution with a M.A. in 2008. He has exhibited primarily in China and Europe with solo exhibitions at Songyafeng Art Center, Joy Palace, and Soemo Gallery in Beijing. His recent group exhibitions include Sichuan Moments, Galerie 99, Aschaffenburg, Germany (2016); 789 Party, 798 Art Factory, Beijing, China (2016); Bound Contemporary Art Exhibition, Enjoy Art Museum, Beijing (2015); Art O’Clock, Paris, France (2014), Leap: Contemporary Art Invitational Exhibition, Daya Gallery, Xinjiang, China (2014).  In addition, he was recently awarded the Silver Medal at the Contemporary Art Invitational Exhibition of Beijing held at Tianjin Mass Art Museum in 2015. The artist lives and works in Beijing.