Yang De Yu

(b. 1963)

Yang De Yu, After the Rain, 2014, oil on canvas, 18″ x 14″

Yang’s style is derived from western movements, primarily Impressionism and Expressionism; however, he uses these techniques to paint Chinese landscapes and proverbs of Buddhism. In After the Rain, the artist blends western techniques with Chinese literati landscape painting and form to create a hybrid of east and west.

Artist Bio

Yang De Yu was born in Sichuan province and later received a teaching education in 1984. He taught in the Southwest University Department of Fine Arts as a painting professor before starting his current professorship at Chengdu University School of Fine Arts. He has exhibited infrequently and predominantly in the Sichuan province. His most recent solo exhibition was at Pixel Art Space in Chengdu in 2014. The artist currently lives and works in Chengdu.

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