Urbanization and the Rise of the Modern City

June 17 - August 12

Exhibit Information

The Marengo Gallery is pleased to present Urbanization and the Rise of the Modern City, a group exhibition featuring five contemporary Chinese artists who address rapid urbanization in China. The exhibit features recent works by Jin Ke, Xu Ze, Luo Jie, Wang Jun, and Xu Yong Kang.

In 1990, only twenty-six percent of the population in China lived in cities, now that number has jumped to fifty-six percent in 2015. Urbanization has lifted thousands out of poverty, but at the same it has destroyed historical sites, created pollution, and led to feelings of emptiness, loneliness, and anxiety in citydwellers. The artists in this exhibit address urbanization’s effects on the Chinese landscape and on individuals living in the city. Many of the artists associate the rise in urbanization and the accompanying economic growth with changing societal values, such as a greater interest in material wealth and power. They are concerned not only with urbanization’s impact on traditional values, but its impact on tradition in general including natural landscapes, historical landmarks, and traditional culture.

The exhibit will run from June 17 to August 12, 2017.


Opening Reception
 June 17th 7-9pm