marengo gallery interior about us


The Marengo Gallery is a new contemporary Chinese art gallery in Pasadena, CA. The goal of the gallery is to introduce contemporary Chinese art to the public through regular exhibitions and to educate the public by hosting gallery talks, gallery tours, and other events. While many galleries dedicated to contemporary Chinese art exist in New York and London, the Marengo Gallery is the only gallery on the west coast solely dedicated to contemporary Chinese art.

The artists represented by the gallery have frequently exhibited in China, other parts of Asia, and Europe; however, only a few of the artists have ever exhibited in the United States, and none have exhibited on the west coast. The Marengo Gallery provides a space for these artists to display their work to the American public and gain more exposure.

Pasadena is the ideal location for the gallery, because it is in close proximity to Chinese cultural institutions including the USC Pacific Asia Museum, the Chinese American Museum, and the Chinese Cultural Center. In addition, it remains close to Chinese-American communities in Chinatown and the San Gabriel Valley.